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The Nebraska Ranch Sold 5/6/16

"Duncan" ~ 2003 Red Dun grade gelding 14.3 hh.

Looking for that super safe for anyone horse that can still go out and do a job? Well, meet Duncan! Solid & very gentle; safe for anybody & broke enough for a timid rider to particapate in ranch or competition activities.

Eight years old, this gelding has seen miles & worked for a living. Knows how to watch a cow. Great in rough country. Slows way down and picks his way across tricky ground & down steep hills. Gentle jog and yet will pick it up the when you ask him. Ride with other horses then ride away, lope out straight & then slow down, doesn't get upset over anything. A horse that even beginning riders or ones with confidance issues, will be safe on & have fun! Great with other horses. Side passes, opens gates, ponies colts. Stands quiet to mount, no buck, sound. Rides bareback & in a halter.

Dosen't get hot headed ever, even after months of good feed & no work. Quiet for everyone in the family & great for guests too.

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