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Tervuren dogsDog is man's best friend, and it's important that man turn around and be dog's best friend back. Because if we don't steward the greatness in our fourlegged friends, (health, temperaments, & function) they suffer the whims of fad and fashion, falling victim in all 3 places. When that happens, something bright winks out, and the world is a lesser place without the noble, thriving intelligence housed in these majestic furry "friends" who mean so much to those lucky enough to hold them in our hearts.

Those of us who have banded together to form True Knight Tervurens have a deep love for old fashioned strength of character, old world charm, and the constant loyalty these Old Style Belgian Shepherds reward their people with. We are convinced that these are traits worth saving, and we invest a lot of time and effort into making sure they have what they need to be the most balanced, well trained and mannerly geniuses possible.

Hello! This is Elizabeth, and I was the dog-crazy kid of the family. Since falling adult victim to the love of Tervurens, I've had the great pleasure of seeing several family members catch it, and now our program includes two branches and has many little sprouts across the country!
I couldn't be happier about spreading this condition, and am definitely an infectious carrier. (See Past Pups for pics and info on some of the fun reports!)

Growing up, our family has always had a dog or two, and as a teen I took up the challenge of working with them. We had a wide range of breeds & crosses, and I had varying degrees of success... but always hoping for that "perfect dog"; the one that makes you believe in Lassie or RinTinTin.

Even as a little girl, I always admired the Belgian Tervurens in the AKC breed book, but had thought them to be a primarily European breed that we wouldn't have access to here. But after the turn of the millennium, I discovered the breed was available, and began to pursue the possibility. We were delighted to find that there are many of them in the states, and lovers of the breed were more than happy to talk to us about all their aspects.

There are a good many videos of our horses online, take a look and enjoy!

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"Goldie passed her Therapy Dog International test today. We are so proud of her!
  Thanks for the training head start you provided for her prior to us being blessed with her.
    Jet has completed advanced obedience and Introduction to Rally.
[...] If only we could have more Tervs, we are head over heels in Love with our two babies!
God bless all of you at Double K!
Thanks !"
Dan & Theresa
Baxter, Mn
{Took Jet home @ 8 wks. Next year, Goldie @ 4 months}



"What a doll. [Gypsy] really has adjusted well, and is full of love, licks and a spirit of adventure. Amazingly, the first night went extremely well.
Thanks again for the wonderful care and foundation that you provided."

Dennis & Carol F., Long Beach, Cal.

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"TK Flash of Light" joined the family to show us what Belgian Shepherds were about, and we were super impressed from day one. Everybody loved Flash, and the trainer in me was flabbergasted at how smart he was! Others were just as excited about him as I was, so although I wanted to claim him as my own, my more selfless intincts bade me wisely let them "have" him. (The only problem with igniting family members to share your interests is they want to share, literally! :-) But that's okay, I love helping set them up with the best!!) Abi & I have been a "dog training team" ever since, with our brother and mother as "silent partners" and it's been great!

Taking advantange of the chance for grown family members who still work together to form a breeding program, all our dogs participate in the goal of "preserving and promoting the Old Style Belgian Shepherd." We can't imagine life without them, now, and I definitely want these awesome old fashioned lines to be around for my future children/ grandchildren to love!

Because of the hustle and bustle, the best way to get a hold of the ranch is to simply pick up the phone. There's almost always someone available to answer.

We enjoy hearing from you! We are available at 417-637-0225, any day but Wednesday.


Flash at the County Fair '13.

Abi drove a friend's team in the Draft Event at the County Fair; afterward Flash and I got a ride. He loved being up so high! And was pleased to pose for anyone who wanted his gorgeous face in their picture.

Though the day was rainy, he enjoyed the chance to get off the farm and connect with the adoring public. Lots of pettings were involved, even the squiggly little ones wanted to "pet the puppy!" ~ ~ When not being petted by passersby, he slept under the bleacher bench for most of the Draft Event; ignoring the loudspeaker, crowds and harness chains clank-clinking.~Later, strolling through the carnival in full swing, we could hardly get past two booths without someone stopping us to talk about him. And he loved it all!

Enjoy the pics below!

Flash & Fiona: The first two, Then and Now.

~ ~ ~ ~

Ready and waiting... "What's next, Abi?" (back in Nebraska.)


"I have one of the best puppies ever! Argus is such a joy. [...] He is so smart and quickly picks up on new commands.  I can't wait to teach him fly ball." Kim K. in N.C.



"...She is truly becoming Echo the Wonder Dog just like her grandpa Flash. Echo's special magic continues to be finding people who need her anywhere we go. I don't know how she does it. [...] She is pure magic, and possibly part unicorn!"

Kate R. in Utah; professional psychologist and former "cat person" along with her husband. Her True Knight dog for therapy work has converted them both to "Terv lovers" now! {As evidenced by update on their 2nd True Knight pup, below.}

"...[Jake got] Bravo the Hakuna Matata collar, because it perfectly sums up his personality. His new favorite past time is bouncing around the back yard chasing butterflies [...] It is basically the cutest thing ever!"

Please feel free to contact us about any of our dogs or litters, we are always happy to try and find the right match for you.

Because of the hustle and bustle, the best way to get a hold of us is to simply pick up the phone. There's almost always someone available to answer.

We enjoy hearing from you!

We are available at 417-637-0225, any day but Wednesday.

We are located 45 mi. north west of Springfield, Missouri.

"[Sandy] is very cute and lovely. On my way home she only was quiet and slept on my legs, She likes to play and nothing is safe right now. [...] I’m really proud of her..."

Frank S.; New Brunswick, Canada

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Quality Belgian Shepherd Puppies, for Sale. ( Belgian Tervuren / Gronendael / Belgian Sheepdog) Ranch bred, farm fed, Family raised and loved. Champion Bloodlines. Our puppies have gone to Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, California, Texas, Tennesee, Indiana, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nebraska, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Utah, Washington State, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and Canada.

"Within 3 days of arriving [Reagan] knew Sit, down, stay, go lay down, and kennel commands. She is without a doubt the smartest Dog I have ever known.... I can say nothing but positive things. Double-K made my total experience of getting the dog of my dreams easy."

David S Roberts, New Albany, In