210+/- acres, 120 tillable (in 3 fields,) balance rolling pasture, historic House, Barn, outbuildings, corrals, & good well.

Hello! This is Elizabeth Kaiser from Double K Ranch; I'm the webmaster here, and the "voice of Double K" in a lot of ways. Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by!

This ranch sold on May 6th. This page is now for nostalgic purposes.

We were on this property from '06 to '16 and tailored it to suit our needs as horse-trainers, & as conscientious stewards of life all around us; constantly improving and streamlining for ease of use and increased safety & esthetics. We used organic & natural solutions throughout the ranch, and the fields and gardens have been under organic management since our arrival. We implemented a system of fencing that worked well to keep all the animals safe, sound and in their havens, and the good well water and easy climate made living there a true blessing.

Horse ranch for sale. Horse property fir sale.

The Ranch (when in Neb.)

You can see what the place and surrounding area looked like in the video we made up; watch it below.

Click to start loading, then take a look at the pictures below!

Multiple outbuildings support the lifestyle; old fashioned buggy shed; poultry house w/ run next to large fenced poultry pasture; poultry shed. Half Garage/Shop-half Bunk House/Leather shop (finished, wired, work station lighting), 3 steel grain bins, Sheep-fenced small pasture w/ shade trees off of north wing of barn. Full view from the house.
Mature windbreak framed the farmstead on West & North. (Right and above of this shot. These photos taken 2010, further improvements had been implemented since then.)

Easy to work though gated pens/paddock system, w/water tanks & hydrants. Squeeze chute & head catch.
55' round pen, 6' high, custom built log construction; w/ 2 heavy, full-height gates, rubber lined and sand filled.
Horse trainer's dream tool!

The classic Big Red Barn dated to the early 1900's, twelve big stalls (built to house the draft teams that powered this country.) Large shed wings on each side. Ground floor totals 3,584 sq. ft. Lighting and frost free hydrants. Galvanized roof.

The jewel in the crown of this authentic, Homestead Era farm is certainly its massive barn. The huge timbers used in the interior posts between the stalls are really a reminder of times when everything was built to last a long, long time. And it has. There is a probability that it was ordered in on the train from the old catalogs of Montgomery Ward or Sears & Roebuck. We haven't been able to get exact data, but it seems likely.


The stalls were sized to hold draft teams, for working the wheat fields which early settlers relied upon as their cash crop. This country, (and this farm,) is full of history! During recent decades the grand old barn had largely fallen into disuse... big machines do most field work these days. Now, all the older neighbors have said they're so happy to see someone determined to put the old queen back into activity. After giving her a new paint job, sprucing up the trim, replacing the worn out roofing, and patching up old holes, she once more occupied her rightful place as Barn Central!

The well is 300ft. into the Ogallala Aquifer. Lots of water, we irrigate the yard and gardens, plus watering 60+/- cows and 30 horses all summer and never slowed production. Tested clean, and has been serviced within the last four years.

Galvanized stock tank with automatic waterer for the pasture; then frost free hydrants & stock tanks for the pens. The place was well watered, with 7 frost free hydrants conveniently located throughout.

The sturdy custom round pen is 55' in diameter and 6' tall, built solidly enough so it really keeps the horse's attention inside the pen.



The north and south fields gave us the opportunity to produce much of our own hay dryland. The photo above is taken near the south end of the property looking towards the north.

The two story farm house was moved onto the farm from further up the road in the early 1900's, to replace the large sod house that the original homesteaders had built and lived in many years. We weren't able to find an exact date of construction, but it is in pictures taken in the 30's.
It was updated as modern amenities came along; and some much more recent remodeling gave a spruced up bathroom and smoothly laid out laundry room a fresh face.

Historic 2 story farm house of the same era; approx. 2,000 sq. ft.; 4 bdrm, 1 bath (remodeled '06) , galley kitchen, living room, dining room, entry porches, half basement. Securely fenced yard, garden/tool shed, old time root cellar, fenced garden, fruit trees, flower beds. New metal roof. The electrical was updated in 2006, house was renovated at that time. Plumbing was new since then as well. Wood & propane heat.


To the right in the pic below is the garden shed; it used to be the wash house/ cook house, when the farm-wife would move her cooking outdoors in the summer to keep the house cooler. In those days a large water tank was at roof level, so she also had gravity flow spigots for laundry day. Now it is a tool shed/garden shed, and takes care of all the empty flower pots and rakes "the landscaper" needs.

An old swing-set frame and a metal porch swing without a home, both got a coat of rustoleum, and joined together to provide a fine place to rest in the evening... with a nice view!

Daisies always brighten the summer landscape!



Here's Abi helping out at the neighbors' branding, north of us near Wellfleet; May, 2011. Isn't that sky just the bluest blue you've ever seen? It floors me every time... I guess it's always amazing!