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We are currently accepting training horses for the upcoming season... get on the schedule now to ensure your horse gets the time slot it deserves!

Colt starting 1 month minimum, 2 or 3 months encouraged. (Tune-ups and times less than 4 weeks by special arrangement only, price private treaty.)

Here at Double K Ranch we take pride in our training, whether it be halter breaking, building a strong foundation of good solid ground manners, starting a young colt for the first time under saddle, working hard with a frightened horse at overcoming shyness or fear, pleasantly taking a bit or gently handling a hackamore, to standing quietly for hoof trimming and patiently waiting during the tedious process of fitting shoes.

Many of our greatest compliments come from our clients, and we always enjoy the positive feedbacks that we receive from the owners of horses we have trained.

When we take in outside trainings, our goal is to meet the needs of both parties, and we always love to hear that all our hard work and effort paid off in a beautiful relationship between them and their horses.

Do We Train People?

Yes, actually we do! We love to get folks their first start around horses and how to handle them, and our person training method is mucht the same as our horse training one; by firt understanding the principles of how horses work, people can line up with the safest habits! As life-long learners ourselves, we enjoy company no matter where on the trail we meet them at!

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Abi round penning a horse with another horse, both learn a lot! (Photo taken in Neb.)

The Nebraska Ranch Sold 5/6/16

Toward A Better Experience

Like dedicated teachers everywhere, we are as proud as can be to hear the success stories our former students have gone on to accomplish. Whether it is winning a coveted prize, or staying calm during crisis, (while everybody else goes insane...) we are so pleased to know that our work is changing the lives of both people and horses.

An Honest Evaluation

We work hard to ensure that the day a training horse goes home with its owner they will both be happy with the 'new deal', and are careful to explain what can realistically be expected of any particular individual under our assessment. We strongly feel that to attempt to force something with a horse is a grave mistake, and if the interests of the owner and the horse have little luck of coinciding, it is sometimes best to re-evaluate the goals, or sometimes just perspective.

"Romeo": Homeward Bound

Another student prepares to head home after completing his training, amid the happy smiling faces of his owner and friends.

"Romeo; over and out!"

Contact us for training rates.

We strongly advise owners take a reserve of at least four weeks for their horses, anything less has a higher chance of leaving room for potential glitches. Horses learn only so fast, and the more time they are exposed to correct training the better their minds will hold onto the principle's learned.



























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