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The Nebraska Ranch Sold 5/6/16

Rip Romp Terry aka "Blue Sage" ~ 2010 Blue Roan AQHA gelding. 14.3+1/2".

This boy is BLUE! One of the fanciest, smoothest, silvery-ist blue roans I have ever seen, Sage is the whole package. Willing, reliable, responsive with a great work ethic. Doesn't give out on you in the middle of a job.

It is very rare to find a horse that combindes such a calm dispositon & leval head with the phisical ableate & the heart to get a job done, than put an amazing color & good looks on top of that.

We started him right as a 2 yr old, so we know every thing that has gone into his training.
Sweet and kind, with a baby doll head, he does great on trails, drives, & pasture riding.

He is the horse I chose for our mother (who wasn't raised around horses & is't a comfident rider) to ride on last falls cattle drive. I know that she would be safe no matter what happened & that she would be able to get-up & really participate in the moving.

My favorite to use starting colts in the roundpen, he getts into his work and enjoys it. Great to pony colts off of, doesn't mind being pushed & pulled around & will push right back and keep walking straight.
He will carry anything that you can hold on top of him. He neckreins, sidepasses, backs, and is safe anywhere. Never bucked, steady minded, not spooky.

Video of cow work this spring! ~~ New Video!~~~~& video #3.



See Last Falls video here.

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