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JMS Two Id Jack; "Jack" 2005 AQHA bay roan gelding. It's not often a horse is quiet enough for a timid rider & when a trainer or cowboy steps on they come back smiling too. Jack is outstanding, if you are looking for an all-around gelding to do performance but be a family horse too, you will love him. Ranch broke & ridden in rough country. Bought him as a 2yr old, we have had this gelding's training from the ground up. He is GENTLE, & always has been.

See his videos #1 , #2 & #3

Sold at the NILE sale. Billings MT.

More photos.

"Oops I Done It Again" 2001 APHA bay gelding. Friendly, good walk, handy on his feet.14.3h. Has enough “go” to be useful for a days riding, & can be turned out for a month & not get cold backed. Good for the rancher who wants a horse that his wife can ride also. Neck rein, pretty stop, rides off leg, catch anywhere. Good tempered around other horses. Nice withers & saddle back. Straight legs & good feet. Doc O'Lena on his papers.

See his videos #1 here & #2 here!

Sold at the NILE Gold Buckle sale, Billings MT

More photos.

'Doc' 2003 AQHA sorrel gelding. Doc is a gentle broke gelding with a lot of ability. Easy to get along with, pull him out of the pasture any time & ride off. Really nice traveling horse, covers country. Good walk, straight legs, deep chest & fast enough for riders looking for some speed. Athletic on his feet, ability to turn at speed & will watch a cow. Handy in rough country. Friendly, no bad habits, hobbles, ponies colts, opens gaits. Neck reins, sidepasses. See his videos #1 here & #2 here

Sold at the NILE sale. Oct 16th, Billings MT

More photos.

TS Bufford; "Three Socks" 2006 AQHA chestnut gelding

Good looking, well muscled, natural stop. Ranch ridden, has seen some long days, good in rough country. Started at 3, we've ridden him quite a bit this spring & summer. Will watch a cow. Moves off leg, opens gates, ponies colts. Kind nature, responsive, & respectful ground manners. Never been cold backed, sound. See his videos #1 here & #2 here!

Sold at the NILE sale. Oct 16th, Billings MT.

More photos.

Great family horse, safe, gentle & broke.

Amigo, 2002 palomino snowcap. 14.3h Great youth horse, Ranch ridden, good on cattle. Friendly & easy to catch, no buck. Crosses water, sidepasses, open gates. good with his feet, no bad habits. Unique color. Would make a starter gymkana horse as he is gentle & will lope a nice pattern but just isn't very fast. Strong bone and good feet. Anybody can ride... they will have lots of fun and be safe. See his video #1 here & #2 here!

Sold at the NILE sale. Oct 16th, Billings MT.

More photos.

Carson has the picture-perfect loud overo color.15.2h Steady mind, No buck, He has a good fast walk, rides well in rough country. We have used him for beginner/intermediate riders moving cattle and pasture riding. Rides double. Stands to mount, no buck, easy to catch. Side passes, backs. Hobble broke. Good with his feet. Ponied colts. Nice ground manners and good with other horses. Video here.

Congratulations to Wes & Twila Metheney of Cody, Wyoming!


"Frosty Vegas Morning", 2002 AQHA gray gelding. More photos. Frosty neckreins well and is good for anyone to ride. He is solid broke, I have saddled him up after months off and he is the same. Nice build! Quiet and gentle. Pedigree is... Sire; son of Saber Cord, out of Doc Red Bar mare. Dam; grand daughter of Frosty Feature and Boston Ben.

Check out his video here! And another here!

Frosty and Crockett roping here.


Denny, 2004 AQHA bucksin gelding. More photos.

Anybody can see that this fellow is one good looking horse! But aside from being eye candy Denny is built quick and ready for action. He's been ridden a lot on cows, and roped off of some.

Videos are #1 Here! And #2 Here! And roping video here!


Crockett, 2002 AQHA red dun gelding.More photos. Gentle for anyone, this boy knows his way around a ranch. Good on cows, and solid, solid, solid when it comes to strange things, there's no spook in him! No buck, and no bad habits. Good with his feet, nice to work around. Just a trustworthy teddy bear... if you want someone to relax on he will not disappoint!

His videos are #1 Here! And #2 Here!

Frosty and Crockett roping here.


BXL Leo Gordo, 2004 AQHA Bay Roan gelding. More photos. 'GoBee' was a favorite of Anne's . Very cowy. Could head or heel & be a georgous ranch horse. He is not grown out yet; Finish 15.2 or 15.3 and MUSCLED! Video #1; Flag, water, trailer, colt starting Video #2.

Congratulations to Roy Suchards, of Watertown SD!

Wild Texas Chip, 2000 AQHA Buttermilk buckskin gelding. More photos. Big, Stout 15.2 . Bred, raised, trained and ridden by one ranch family when we bought him. Broke, NO buck, ridden in big country, has pasture roped. Smooth walk, a nice to ride slow trot, & easy lope. Texas looks like a movie horse & is a stand out in any group. Good straight legs, wide chest & stout enough to hold anything you want to rope. His video is Here!


Congratulations to Gary Carter of Livingston, Mt.!

More photos. ~ Zangs Blue Woody, 2003 AQHA blue roan gelding. Ranch ridden, gentle, super friendly & nice to work around.“Zane” is handy, easy to train, & definitely a must look for the performance rider. Great for a days pasture ridding, he doesn't start out “hot” but is good for the distance, solid bottom and not looking to quit. Athletic, he is fun to use starting colts in a roundpen, he can lope around small, he pays attention & is where I want him.Willing, soft, good on leads, moves off leg, good stop. Solid bone and big black feet. Bred to rope, see his pedigree! Watch his videos! Zane & Zane, cow work & rope practice


Congratulations to Emery Field of Bozeman, Mt.!

More photos. ~ Rusty, OK Skips Quick, 2004 AQHA Sorrel gelding. “Rusty” is fantastic, he is one of those very hard to find horses that is quiet enough to trust taking a beginning rider for a rough pasture ride & still powerful & athletic enough to make a working or competition horse. 15.1h Stout, great bone and feet, started right from day one. Been behind cattle, rough country, neck riens, soft, moves off leg, knows leads, handles himself well. Will slow down to the level of rider he has, but then knows to pick it up again when asked. If you are looking for a totally all-around useful horse, you will love Rusty! Videos: Rusty & Rusty ridden by Pake, age 10 & Scout & Rusty roping the dummy


Congratulations to Brenda Haskett of Sheridan, Wy.!

More photos. ~ Shorty, 2005 beautiful buckskin gelding.13.2hh. Nice stop, he's athletic! I have Shorty taking both his leads well. Currently loping the barrel pattern, he is very quick and is really going to have speed.Has been ridden outside, up and down hills, and I have ponied other horse on him. He is not a finished childs horse yet, but is really riding well under an adult. Soft in the face, moves off leg, neck reins. Shorty has the potential to be a very competitive youth pony. Watch Shorty's video's. Shorty and, Shorty, kids/ barrels/ trailer/ wash

Congratulations to Mark & Penny Dahlstrom of N. Dakota! Pitzer's Sale, Sept. 4th. '09.

King Juniper, 2001 AQHA bay gelding. Kid-safe, gentle and sweet, with a ton of personality. Bred by the Hunt Ranch. Ranch ridden, you can turn him out and he stays the same. Athletic, good stop, smooth traveling, and a pleasure to ride. Ponies colts, side passes, opens gates. Catch him anywhere, ride him bare-back, double or in a halter. Take a look at his pedigree. More photos.

See Jupiter, catch/clip/load/bath & kids riding Jupiter

and of him January 2008, Jupiter riding

Congratulations to Dick Smith of Idaho! Pitzer's Sale, Sept. 4th. '09.

Monte, aka Senor's Jade Song, 2000 APHA black and white gelding. Big and stout, Monte can really cover the ground, and be nice and gentle while doing it. We have had all levels of ridders on Monte. He will just go for a gentle ride, or get out there and get things done. He's great around other horses. Easy to catch, saddle and bridle. Ponied colts, side passes,rides well alone, or with other horses. Watch his video's! Monte riding ... Monte, being ridden by kids...Monte-clip/bath/load.

More photos.

Congratulations to 'Punch' G. in Oak Creek, Co.! 6/27/09

Tye Skip, 2001 AQHA Gray Gelding, byTyrdan Skip x Tyrdan Powder, out of Kate Bar Rocket x Rubin Rocket. Beautiful silver dapple gray, and super good looking! 15 hh. correct legs and feet, and a good saddle back. This boy's got plenty of speed and a go-for-it work ethic. Lots of heart. never any buck to him, always well mannered and ready for any job. Tye's pedigree. ~ More photos.

Video of Tye



Congratulations to Patty S. in Polson, Mt.! 6/27/09

Socks, 2000 Grade Chestnut Gelding. Stout 14.2 hands high, eye-catching conformation with deep red color and full chrome. Super cute and friendly. Cowy, he opens gates, crosses water, hobbles, and has ponied and round penned colts. Light in the hand and off the leg.

See Socks' video!

More photos.




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