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The Nebraska Ranch Sold 5/6/16

Ajo Grande ~ '13 IALHA Gray gelding

Stands 15.2+ hh Good looking, smooth mover. Fast walk, big trot & smooth round. Very comfortable to ride. Neck rein, backs, sidepass to open gates, takes both leads. Rides bareback with a halter. Extensive outside ridding, through the pastures, along the highway & moving cows.

Fearless personality, thing that bother other horses don’t bother him. When we rode him in the parade he didn’t even look at the llamas that had all the other horses upset.

7/8 Andalusian, 1/8 Quarter Horse he is registared with the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association.

Videos, More Photos & info .

More Photos & Pedigree.

Blue Badger Fritz ~ 2016 AQHA blue roan colt.

"Fritz" is a gorgeous boy with a touch of chrome, and the sweetest personality ever! Foundation bred his mom is close Snicklefritz... and more, check out his pedigree link!

Calm, no vices and super friendly, stays with you even when the others wonder off, never pushy for attention, easy to live with even as a yearling stud colt, respectful, no bad habits installed! He is ready to go riding as soon as he is grown enough.

Imprint trained at birth, early learning in leading, yielding, picking up hooves... very amiable with any roommates, never makes trouble!

Colonel Rango aka "Ringo" ~ 2013 AQHA palomino gelding

Friendly, smart & steady minded, he is fun to be around and ride. Neck reins, backs, sidepass to open gates, takes both leads. Rides bareback with a halter.

Many miles of outside riding. Gathered pastures and sorted in the pens. He will push right into a tight herd and bring cows out of the back. Crosses bridges, logs & water. Rides down the road or through the pasture. Walks out well. Really nice mover, he has a smooth trot and nice lope. Goes back to Colonel Hotroder on his papers. See his pedigree below.

Stands 14.3 hh . Straight legs & good feet all dark feet.

More Photos & Pedigree.

"Lancelot" ~ 2013 jet-black Percheron/QH gelding

Trained to ride and drive, Nicky is a real workhorse in the harness, feeds hay, pulls hard. He is also an impressive horse to ride; his half Percheron side makes him coal-coal black, and gives him presence and drama while his Quarter Horse side make him amenable and gives him a more hip and shoulder than most draft crosses often come out with. Also, his head is proprotionate to his body, unlike many drafts/draft crosses, so he's a very good looking fellow!

More info.

SOLD to Iowa

Durango 'Parrty Fan' '13 AQHA palomino gelding.

 Steady, calm and quiet. Neck rein, backs, sidepass to open gates, takes both leads. Rides bareback with a halter or just a rope around his neck. Safe for anyone, he's a do- anything, go anywhere, unflappable, gem of a guy. 14.3 hh easy to mount but stout enough to carry any size person. Rode in the local parade this spring.
Crosses logs, water & bridges. Great in rough country or open. Traffic safe, been into town many times. Moved cows, worked a lot of horses in the round pen and ponied colts. Pulls off the horn & you can swing a rope off of him.  
I’ve hauled home a long, small tree off the side of him bareback... it never rattled his composure.
No buck or bad habits. Sound.

More Photos, Pedigree & Videos!

Durango was SOLD at Superior Spring Horse Auction ~ June 2017  


Strawberry Cowboy ~ SOLD to Michigan~ '16 AQHA colt.

A hefty red roan fellow with a lot of hip, shoulder, good mind and a ton of personality! He will be a fun guy to do anything with. He shows the attitude and athletic ability to be the the kind of horse that really gets into a job, with a spark of boldness in him that sets him up for challenging any threat with a steady eye. He has been imprint trained & well disciplined to respect his fellow man, and no bad habits have been installed! He is ready to go get a saddle on as soon as he gets his growth enough to do so! Foundation bred.

More Photos & Pedigree.


~ Sold ~ More photos ~ Video

Ranger~ 2006 grade buckskin gelding 14.2 hh.

Broke, gentle all around gelding with a friendly personality. Ranger is a horse that is quiet enough to trust taking a timid rider gathering up cows out of a rough pasture & then drive them 15 miles. Good neckrein, stop & back. Sidepasses, open gates. Good around four wheelers. Worked horses in the round pen & worked lots of cows.

An all around pleasant gelding to get a job done on or enjoy a long day's ride with. Smart, responsive & athletic. Handy size to get on & off. Rides bareback & in a halter. Great with his feet & good around other horses. Very nice ground manners. Stout, good bone. All black feet & straight legs. No buck. No bad habits.



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