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The Nebraska Ranch Sold 5/6/16

Double K Strawberry Cowboy ~ 2016 red roan colt ~ SOLD to Michigan! ~

Strawberry is a hefty fellow with a lot of hip, shoulder, good mind and a ton of personality! He will be a fun guy to do anything on. He shows the attitude and athletic ability to be the the kind of horse that really gets into a job, with a spark of boldness in him that sets him up for challenging any threat with a steady eye. He has been well disciplined to respect his fellow man, and no bad habits have been installed! He is ready to go get a saddle on as soon as he gets his growth enough to do so!

Out of "Culpapper's Frosty B" and by blue roan foundation bred ranch stallion "Stormy Badger". Cute as a kitten, imprint trained at birth, early learning in leading, yielding, picking up hooves... this boy can be touched all over with hands or any object. He has gone on trail rides with mama, or stayed home in the pasture and been fine with that, too. Extremely peoplized, he believes the world is his friend and so there's nothing to be scared of. The colts like to get visitors to give them hugs and scratches!

Bred and born here at the ranch, his arrival marks the beginning of a program to offer the soundest minds possible in the Quarter Horse world... we've worked with hundreds of horses, and these bloodlines have always blown us away with their "born bomb-proof" attitudes.

As close as you can get to an "accident proof" horse, these roans out of Rip Cord Flash lines have been baby sitters right away at first starting training... a couple months under saddle and we're comfortable letting elderly people and little kids ride them on trails. They are simply mentally solid right out of the gate, and as a family that has experienced it's share of horse wrecks, (and wants to call quits on getting hurt!) these personalities are amazing to us.

So we decided we needed to keep some of them around (blue mares!) and also wanted to be able to offer them to others to whom safety is a high priority!

Strawberry is nephew to "Blue Sage" high selling horse at the 2014 live TV auction, Superior Sales, RFDTV. Sold for $15,000 as a 3 yr. old, and you can watch his videos and see why!

Both "Sage's" sisters have that same unflappable temperament, and they have passed that "no buck, no spook, no kick" on to their colts, a real "do anything" disposition.

"Strawberry"s cousin "Blue Moon" is also for sale, so check them both out if you want a stunning pair of super safe guys to take on trails, family outings, or just whatever.

Sire's Pedigree! ~ ~ See Dam's pedigree below.

For more information call 417-637-0225

Uncle "Blue Sage" ( aka Rip Romp Terry) as a 3 yr. old; highselling horse on live TV auction.

Stormy Badger, sire.

Mom, "Frosty", with baby Strawberry, just born.

Dam's pedigree. (We call her Frosty around the barn.)



























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